Life On Balearic Islands: Pros And Cons

The Balearic islands are a famous tourist destination, and many people like spending their vacation there, because the archipelago boasts beautiful views, clear blue waters of the sea, and also pretty warm and mild climate. There are several islands there, so everyone can choose a place to their own liking to spend a week or two, enjoying their rest.

However, spending a vacation is one thing, while actually living on one of the islands is another thing. So, in case you are just looking for property for sale Menorca isle, perhaps you should consider the following pros and cons of living there.

Pros of Living in Menorca

Life on one of the isles in the middle of Mediterranean Sea seems a paradize. Here are the main pros of it:

  • almost always warm weather. Even in winter, the temperature does not drop very low here. The location is perfect for people who cannot bear cold snowy winters, and at the same time, it is not so hot due to winds;
  • always fresh salty sea air which is very useful for health;
  • nature is beautiful, you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes;
  • the sea is clean and warm. There are so many tourists because it is always a pleasure to enjoy swimming here;
  • beaches here are considered some of the cleanest and most well-looked for in this part of the world. You can find both sandy and stone beaches;
  • architecture is beautiful and the culture is very rich;
  • the local diet is mostly fish, vegetables and fruits; it is believed that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most natural and useful for health in the world. Most fruits are local, and only fresh locally delivered fish is served;
  • since this is a tourist destination, the local authorities invest in services and infrastructure. Both locals and visitors enjoy good roads, clean streets, etc.

Living in Menorca is a dream come true for some, especially for those people who are tired of grey boring cities where one has to commute back and forth in public transport every single day. However, not everything is so perfect.

Cons of Living in Menorca

It is hard to believe that living in such a beautiful place can have any disadvantages. However, there are some:

  • if the weather is too hot, many people find it almost unbearable. Also, due to winds, such sun activity can lead to sunburns;
  • there is a risk of storms on any of the isles of the archipelago. The Mediterranean Sea is considered a calm one, so you must not be afraid of a tsunami, but still, the risk is present;
  • In the season of storms, there are complications with transportation and also the delivery of good and services. People cannot fly home or cannot get home on the islands. It is hard to deliver imported products, so locals must be ready for that;
  • Blackouts are also not that rare in the season of storms. Of course, local authorities manage the problem quickly, but the issue is there;
  • For most locals, tourists are the main source of income, and at the same time the source of irritation. Tourists are everywhere, in the streets, on the beaches, crowds of tourists and you cannot enjoy some solitude. Also, some of them cannot keep the space around them clean.

So, here are the main pros and cons. If you want to buy a house there, now you are ready for everything.