Is It Hard to Find a Real Estate Agent in Spain?

Having a nice place to stay in Spain is a life-dream of every fourth person in the world. Today with open borders everyone can buy a nice house. In fact, it is much cheaper to have a house rather than spend money on various resorts in Spain. Real estate experts believe it is a good investment. The popularity of Spanish resorts, especially in Menorca, is growing.

At the same time, people willing to purchase a house or an apartment in Spain, face a problem. How to find decent Menorca estate agents? The following tips will give you a clue.

Finding a Real Pro

  • Ask for recommendations. If you have friends, who already have bought a house, ask them to recommend an agent. It will narrow down your search and save time. There is nothing better than getting feedback from people you know. It eliminates the additional risk that relates to brokerage reliability.
  • If you have to deal with it on your own, be ready to dedicate time. Do not trust buying a house of your dream to anyone. No matter where you live, give preference to local Spanish agencies. Local firms know the market better. They are also more professional in terms of documentation. The local broker knows which documents you need to collect as a foreigner to buy property.
  • Advertising and marketing are important. The agent that promotes himself has clients. It is better to give preference to the agent that has experience rather than to a “green one”.  
  • Check the online presence of the agent and his firm. We live in a modern world. That means that websites work just like business cards today. A well-designed website tells a lot about the approach to business. If the website is neglected or absent, it is a bad sign.
  • Once you have contact info of an agent, meet in person. The meeting will give you the opportunity to specify all your requirements and see whether the agent understands what you want. A puzzled look reveals lack of required experience. Make a list of questions. An experienced and honest agent will give answers to all questions. Even tricky ones.
  • Check agent’s license. In most countries, the agent receives a license or a certificate granting permission to do business. The document might have a different name. You can easily find a corresponding name of the document that a broker receives in a particular country online. Foreign clients are also recommended to check whether there are any complaints.
  • Compare agents’ commission. Experienced agents always have a higher commission. Be aware of dishonest agents that ask for a high commission but do not provide a full scope of services, including finding a notary.

An experienced agent always helps find a great house. Once you find a decent agent, be sure that you will soon get a new house.  

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